Air service

Pioneers of Global Aviation Era, “Flight Attendants”

People call the 21st century a “Global Aviation Era”. What makes “Globalization” and “The 21st century” related?

It is for transportation means, related to the advancement of transformation, which movies passengers and goods to their destinations safely in the most suitable ways. The first and best gift God ever gave us for traveling is our feet. To move faster, we used animals. With the Industrial Revolution, transportation by using machine, especially with the invention of trains, completely changed the life structure and the lifestyle of human beings. Until some time ago, it wasn’t necessary to have the same time in one village and another, and one region and another, but now they have to use the same time frame. Otherwise, the consequence could be a big accident. Before and after the 21st century Air transportation Era, globalizing the world has been in its full scale and, now, it has opened the era using a unified time frame. The Pioneers taking responsibility for the global air transportation era is the aviation industry, especially the area in charge of the world’s transportation field.

There are two big areas in air transportation – transporting passengers and air cargo. Between them, passenger transportation ist important, in particular. The professional workforce responsible for this passenger transportation in the service management level is “flight attendants”. Flight attendants are the 21st century’s most professional workers; they are intensively trained to offer service in a specialized space called “Cabin”. For these reasons, the Department of Airline Service at Paichai University educates students in “What is a flight attendant”, “What to learn” and “how th become an intellectual as well as a service provider”. In other words, we educate students to be equipped with all the necessary qualities to be recognized as an excellent flight attendant, with a focus on theory and experience.

In order to achieve these purpose, our department primarily insists to keep the principle of having only 40 students per year. We emphasize foreign language studies. Dividing one year into 4 semesters, we intensively teach them “TOEIC courses” and “TOSS courses”. Furthermore, we dont’t neglect teaching them second language study programs which our university offers. To utilize the knowledge gained from the classes, our department caries out “Preparatory Flight Attendant Competitions”, “Smile & Speech Competitions”, “Airline Experiencing Classes”, “Internal and Foreign Airlines Experiencing Classes”, and other various experience studies side-by-side. More importantly, our students experience “Image Making”, “Make-up”, “Global Manner”, and “Etiquette”, which are essential for forming a flight attendant’s image in our image-making classroom and department’s specialized classrooms. Other necessary cabin service studies for building up a customer-oriented service mind set at the best nationwide mock-up (Boeing 747 aircraft series) are further provided.

With the university’s full support our department of Airline Service offers students experiences of new airline culture and broad knowledge. For our juniors, we also introduce them to explore and discover the world of flight attendants with keen interest, so that they can actively find their way to come closer to become a flight attendant. The next hero is “You”. Thank you!